Wally is a psychic entertainer and clairvoyant
who is a human-energy teacher and researcher.
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Money Talks
Wally uses his ability to hear objects communicating to see how money talks.
Finally the secret of what your money has to say can be revealed.
Permission to be Born
Wally explains how we wind up being born into a family, with examples of how Houdini and Whoopi did it.
Your Body Talks to You
Every part in your body has something to say.
Frank Sinatra said it best: "Every Body Needs Somebody Sometime."
Past Lives
Check out if your memory is of a past life or a pest life.
The reason you don't remember past lives is because they happened so long ago.
Employee Appreciation Day.
Wally the Psychic Comedian talks about his gig at Raytheon, where he was featured 3 years in a row.
Psychic at a Dog Racetrack
Wally the Psychic Comedian talks about his gig at a Dog Racetrack, with fellow psychic Victor Venckus, Astrologer Linda Clave and a Tarot Card Reader.

Duality in People
Just like a coin has two sides. Here Wally explains how that works.
Facial Readings
What your subconscious is processing shows up on your face.
Wally the Psychic Entertainer does facial reading, giving you insight into your own personality.