Friends with Energy Skill

You call a business, you wait, you listen to music.  When the service person is chatty I get a chance to talk.  I was asking about my website.  The man on the other side wanted to know what a psychic comedian was.

I told him, “I do reading, I tell jokes.”

He asked, “How does that work?”

So I told one of my jokes.
“We all have past lives but we don’t always have to come back as a person, we can come back as an object.  In one of my past lives I came back as a train.  I didn’t like the experience.  I had a one track mind.”

He told me that he met a person who had energy sensitivity and he asked what the person saw about him.  The other person was so detailed that he said to them, “I guess we can’t be friends.”

I told him, “If you are at a party and go to the bathroom, everyone will talk about you and will say the same thing as your new energy acquaintance.  They just won’t brag when you return.  I saw an Opera show where they had married couples on stage and the audience was asked to figure out who belonged with whom.  People put out vibes.  You can’t help picking them up.  You can pretend you don’t pick them up, but that’s  a different issue.”

He said, “That’s interesting.”

I added, “If you look in the mirror and sense yourself  you’ll pick up similar information.  If you use your eyes and look instead of sensing, your brain will turn on the judgemental areas and you’ll keep noticing wrong with you.”

There was no resolution to my computer program problem.  But with the internet and putting in enough time, the problem was resolved.  Energy Readings are just another addition to things to round out your life.