Wally can create a program for you and your group with the following activities:

Informative Touch
By touching a person’s palm, Wally can get incredible insights into questions you ask.

Laughter Club

Wally is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  He can quickly get your group laughing.  (No yoga necessary.)

Facial Readings

Your face can reveal how you are handling your life.  By psychically observing your face, Wally has an incredible ability to describe how you are doing on a subconscious level.

Humorous Jokes

You haven’t heard psychic jokes and stories like the ones Wally tells.  Laugh while you learn how a psychic views the world.

Wally has also used his clairvoyant abilities to study how the human energy system works, and has put some of his discoveries on   InteractiveMindfulness.com