Watching Jeopardy

I was watching Jeopardy.  One of the contestants had the most amazing energy skin tone. Glowing red particles around his face.  Fist time I’ve seen anything that amazing.  But again the first time with anything always looks amazing.

Yes you can pick up vibes from movies, TV, magazines, statues, rocks, crystals.  Some people have more skill in this area than others.

The Jeopardy contestant felt like he had the ability to look deeply into things, which also made him slow in coming up with answers so he did not do so well.

I’ve gotten used to the awareness that everyone has intuitive skills, the ones who are aware of it are energy readers.

There seems to be two kind:

  • The first  pick up good qualities in others and see hidden talent in the vibes they pick up.
  • The second pick up the struggling energy in the vibes they pick up.  These people burn out quickly.

The ones who can see the humor of how things in life work energetically have more things to smile about.  Most great teachers of energy smile a lot and seemed amused.