Doing quick readings

I had this bright idea a few years ago to do 5 minute readings at a book store.
I prefer 5 minute readings as I’ve noticed people have a hard time remembering everything you tell them.
I would charge $2 dollars per reading.  If there was flow the person would get a lot of information, if not they only lost $2 dollars.  This was a long time ago.

I found a new age bookstore willing to try it out in Cambridge, MA, Porter Square area.
Over forty people showed up.  It was first come first read.  People waiting in line looked at the books and bought them.  The bookstore did well.

Just as I was looking at success for my new gig, one of the owners got sick and they had to sell the store.  My favorite reading was for a woman who’s energy I could see through the walls or the reading room.  It felt like energy x-ray vision.

This has never happened again.    It’s all about the person who shows up.