“Which course of life to follow
is simple.
Follow the one
You are always avoiding.”

Wally the Psychic Comedian combines his genuine psychic abilities with his comedy performances, creating unique entertainment for your parties and other events.


 Wally sees white light in people’s bodies when they laugh.
This encourages him to get people laughing.


His abilities give him instant access to psychic answers for any question you pose to him.  Wally’s psychic readings point you in a better direction, or verify if you are doing just fine.  His psychic jokes and insightful sayings are original, based upon his own life experiences.

Psychic Events featuring Wally.


 Featured Psychic at their annual Worker’s Appreciation Day. Three Years in a row at their Andover, Massachusetts facility.

Did psychic readings for their employees all day long.   Gave five-minute readings with the option to have their own psychic experience.





Featured Psychic at the Greyhound Racetrack in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. Two Years in a row.
For these events I assembled a metaphysical group featuring a Tarot Card reader, an Astrologer, and myself as Psychic.

My psychic duty was to greet people at the entrance and give them quick psychic readings. I also mingled and gave people readings during the races, and I successfully predicted which dogs would win.

Wally the Psychic Comedian comes with many hats.

He is a clairvoyant who sees people’s energy.

He wrote, produced, and directed comedy skits, and performed in seven different performances of Energy Theater, EnergyTheater.org.

He has also written comedy skits for other comedy performers, JoyofKidding.com.

He has used his clairvoyant abilities to study how the human energy system works and has put some of his discoveries on the website InteractiveMindfulness.com.

As a Laughter Yoga Leader he runs the Somerville Laughter Club, SomervilleLaughterClub.com.